Reverse Engineering the Xbox 360 SVOD file format

SVOD Xbox 360 - Games on Demand


Back in October of 2018 I began contributing to the open-source Xbox 360 Emulator research project Xenia. I was focusing on creating a new, cross-platform GUI for it when I learned that it wasn’t yet able to launch Games on Demand or Digital Download titles. There was a bit of groundwork in place, but it wasn’t operational.

I spent about 50 hours researching other projects and stepping through a debugger with my Jtagged Xbox 360, and was able to provide a working solution that seemingly covers all cases when working with SVOD systems. I have thus compiled my research into this post in hopes that someone with a similar problem can use my information. All code present in this blog post is available on Github, and at the time of writing, the code is still pending as a pull request.

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